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not guilty. bill: that's new about that? martha: hurting the reputation of my home state but i don't know what else she's guilty of! bill: did you spell the name right, is that i, or i-e? >> martha: we'll settle that tomorrow. bill: see you tomorrow. jenna: hi everybody, hope you're off to a great day, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott, "happening now" in the top box, a massive wildfire destroys dozens of homes in colorado, news underway on the effort to fight the uncontrolled flames. jenna: in the phoeulgdz box, live at white house where president obama is getting ready to head off to cleveland today, set to announce a new series of tax breaks. what they could mean for your bottom line. jon: in the bottom box,
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secretary of state clinton making a major foreign policy speech in washington this morning. might it have anything to do with her own political ambitions and is a white house shakeup on its way? we are here in the fox newsroom, breaking news from across the country and around the globe, the domestic desk, covering the u.s., our international desk, watching events around the world, and our media desk, bringing in all of the video and live pictures so we can bring them to you in an instant, around the clock jenna: as jon just mentioned -- mentioned, right now authorities are holding a news conference on a fast moving wildfire near boulder, colorado, the tpaeupls devouring everything in their path, destroying some 100 structures, including, get this, the homes of nine firefighters. alicia acuna is live with the story. setet scene for us, where are you in relation to where the fire is burning right now? >> reporter: hi jenna. right now i'm standing near the national incident command center, where the
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news conferences are being held and where we're getting constant updates. in relation to the fire i'm about 4-5 miles from the fire. it's just over that ridge beyond me here. and that's where firefighters are battling that blaze that has so far charred 7100 acres, and again, during this news conference we're expected to get an update on the amount of acreage that burned. firefighters were fighting this blaze overnight. this has become a 24-hour operation, thanks in part to federal money that is pouring in, in addition to money coming in from the state of colorado, when the colorado governor declared a state of emergency here. governor bill richardson of new mexico has sent $5 million here as well. 7-10 states are now sending resources into this fire specifically in boulder county because it is considered the number one priority in the country, when you're talking about fire resources, jenna. jenna: alicia, boulder is definitely an active city, an important city for colorado. what's the impact so far
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there? >> public health officials right now are telling people to stay indoors. and i don't know how much you can see through the tv, but there is a lot of smoke here. we feel it heavy in our throats. they're telling people they need to stay inside, keep their windows closed, because the air quality here is very poor. unfortunately, we're are people seeing people jogging and ride bikes. it's an active city of 200,000 people but the county itself is 300,000 there are people as far away as denver smelling and feeling the smoke in the air. so far the flames have not made their way into the city tphreuplts -- limits but they're definitely feeling the impact. jenna: alicia, thank you. we'll update you on this as we get more. and we're monitoring the news conference in boulder but if you'll like to see it live, log on while you're watching "happening now", click on and click on the streaming live. many of you have family out there, you'll want to watch that, and also, check out
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our slide show, devastate -- images of that devastating wildfire and one of the favorite things is having viewers help us in our reporting. if you have video or photos of the wildfire or maybe other news in your area, send it to us and we'll try to put it on the air. go to, or click on the you report on the home page and download the images there. jon: from fires to floods, right now, the remnants of hermine, threatening more flooding in the southern plains. that tropical storm left parts of texas under water, driving rain and 70-mile an hour winds triggered flash floods there. now this powerful system could move even farther north. meteorologist janice dean is in the extreme weather center. they'd like to see some of that rain in colorado, janice. >> reporter: i know they would and jon scott, we have breaking news from the fox weather center, this just in, tropical storm igor has formed in the atlantic.
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i haven't got a track for you yet but we will coming up this hour. but first of all, let's take you back to dallas or outside of dallas, where we got these pictures in earlier on, some of them are live, some of them are from tape, heart, texas, between fort worth and dallas, tarin county, this is live right now, actually, where they are experiencing some flooding in the area. some neighborhoods around the austin area, over a foot of rain, and all of that moisture is moving into the dallas area. this is tape, of course, of a van submerged in water. we have reports of high water rescues, people on the roof of their homes. this is obviously a really serious situation from a tropical storm hermine, of course, that made landfall yesterday across south texas, and all of this moisture is making its way up towards north texas, oklahoma, even arkansas, going to feel the effects of hermine, and we now have
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tropical storm igor so we'll bring you the latest shortly. here are the rainfall amounts, over a foot of rain. i mean, this is a lot of rain in a very short period of time, so we're going to see flooding, a lot of these rivers just outside of austin, colorado river, the trinity river in dallas, at or above flood stage. so this is going to take some time for all these rivers to recede, and there's that moisture feed, still coming in from the gulf of mexico. there's dallas, oklahoma city, even little rock, going to get some of this moisture within the next several hours. flood advisories in maroon, that is where we see flash flood warnings, flooding is imminent, happening through austin, waco, dallas, all of these streams or rivers at or above flood stage. again, it's going to take time for the rivers to crest and recede and unfortunately we're probably going to see more pictures out of this region throughout the day, really dangerous, people are advised not to go on the roads and of course, do not
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travel through water. you cannot see the bottom of. it just takes 2 feet of rushing water to sweep your suv away. so there's your precipitation over the next 48 hours, again, on top of the amounts we've already seen, an additional two, three, 4 inches of rain, jon. jon: looking at that map t. doesn't appear that any of that moisture is going to get up into the boulder area where that wildfire is burning. >> unfortunately, there is a little bit of good news, the humidity is going to go up in this region, but jon, they have the risk for some lightning and thunder and of course, when you've got lightning, that can produce more wildfires, erratic winds, so that's not a good scenario for the next couple of days in boulder, colorado. jon: and boy, those firefighters are going to need a break. >> reporter: our hearts go out to them. jon: i know you sympathize with them. janice, thanks. jenna: we have fire, flood, how about poptician now? president obama heading to ohio for a major economic speech. mr. obama is expected to propose new tax breaks for
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businesses, this is part of the 3-pronged plan. house minority leader john boehner rolls out some of his own suggestions as well, both meant to jump start the economy, also create new jobs, but the proposals are very different, as we ease into the mid-term elections. mike emanuel is live at the white house with more on this. mike. >> reporter: in the next hour, president obama will leave for the buckeye state to lay out his plans for the economy. some of it will be reiterating what mr. obama revealed on monday, calling for additional infrastructure spending. the president will also call for research and development tax credits for businesses and accelerated tax breaks for companies buying property and equipment. mr. obama will say the bush tax cuts should stay, but not for those making more than $250,000 per year. white house senior adviser date axelrod explained why: >> well, because frankly, we can't afford it. we do need to extend the tax cuts for the middle class, for those 98 percent. we've given $300 billion in tax cuts to them in the last
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20 months because the middle class has suffered not just through this recession but for the last decade. >> reporter: today, house republican leader john boehner is proposing his own plan, calling for freezing government spending at 2008 levels and a two-year freeze on all current tax rates. the president, heading to the cleveland area to take on mr. boehner. jenna. jenna: mike, we'll be watching it, mike emanuel at the white house for us today, thank you very much. >> thank you. jon: he's one of the sharpest political operators in washington and he holds a key job inside the white house at the president's right hand. chief of staff, rahm emanuel, may be eyeing a new job back home in chicago. could a rahm departure trigger a major shakeup in the obama administration? we'll get into that. and cameras rolled as waves slammed into a luxury cruise ship. what happened to the passengers who get tossed around in this chaos on the high seases and what does it
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mean for the cruise industry?
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jon: "happening now" around the world in the top box, a powerful aftershock rocks new zealand. the nation hit with nearly 300 tremors since saturday's magnitude 7.1 earthquake. in the middle box, deadly bombings in baghdad, the blast, happening minutes apart near a bus station. at least six people were killed, dozens more injured. in the bottom box, new riot necessary kashmir after police arrest a top separatist leader hr*eurpbg dollars to the antiindia protests. supporters through stones at police fired tear gas into the crowd. jenna: back to d.c. is the white house about to get its first major shakeup of the obama presidency? it's no secret that chief of staff rahm emanuel's dream job is mayor of chicago, his home town and now long-time mayor richard daly says he's not running for reelection
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next year. are big changes coming to the white house? it's a question we're asking to byron york, chief political correspondent for the washington examiner and fox news contributor. byron, if emanuel stays or goes, why does it matter? >> i think there are big changes on the way in the white house. after the president's first midterm elections, it's kind of a natural pausing point to reconsider things, and the chiefs of staff and the white house don't really have long tenures, anyway, it wouldn't be surprise tp-g rahm emanuel left, even if this opportunity in chicago had not arisen, but this is a job that he has often expressed interest in, long before he became white house chief of staff, and now, this amazing opportunity has fallen in his lap. if it happens, it will happen soon, because you have to qualify for the chicago elections by november, the election is in february. if things happen in the white house, they'll happen really fast. jenna: it gets back to that
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question, though, for the president, for that entire team, how does that change the dynamic if he leaves? >> well, it depends upon who the president picks. in picking rahm emanuel, he picked someone who had a lot of experience, who directed the democrats' victorious 2006 house campaign. the question is will the president pick somebody inside his circle to indicate continuity, a close adviser like valarie jarrett? probably not the best idea to go with the continuity because things aren't really going that well right now. jenna: what do you think, then? if there's going to be a surprise person or someone to bring new energy to this team, who might that stph-b. >> >> the betting at the moment seems to be someone in the white house circle but has experience like emanuel did in a previous white house, ron dr. l -- clane, the chief of advice of vice president biden and also worked in the clinton white house for al gore, famously known as the guy who
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directed the florida recount effort for al gore, he's a real possibility, tom donolon, who is in national security in the white house, has experience in the white house, and going back quite a long ways. there are people on the inside who do have that experience in former white houses. jenna: byron, you say we're going to see the move. if we do see a move sometime soon, either around the midterms or right after, because rahm emanuel would have to announce his run for the mayor race, is there anybody else you have an eye on inside the white house that you could also see jumping ship? >> it would be a natural time, i think it's more likely you could see, perhaps, a cabinet secretary leave, but if the president's party takes a beating at the polls, as everyone seems to expect right now, i think it wouldn't be that surprising to see some people leave, but really, an emanuel departure would be the biggest news, and not only because he's chief of staff, but it would also be very
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chicago-related, he's going off to run for office there. jenna: it will be interesting to watch, byron, thank you very much for joining us, byron york of the washington examiner, thank you. >> thank you. jon: so cruises are supposed to be relaxing, right? you take life easy? imagine you're on a cruise ship, out in the middle of the ocean, and this happens: the pacific sun, caught in a violent storm north of new zealand. look at this, waves slamming the side of the ship, reaching as high as the fifth deck, the furniture goes flying, 42 people were injured as passengers were tossed around on board the ship. now, all of this happened two years ago, but this surveillance video that's on your screen right now, this has just been released. well, since that incident took place, p & o, the company operating the pacific sun, says it has taken safety precautions, like securing the furniture, and providing the crew with night vision goggles so they can see those waves coming. but incidents like this are raising serious concerns about the safety of cruising
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tomorrow, "happening now" takes a closer look. jenna: are you kidding about that? is there any way you jump on a cruise ship after seeing something like that? >> they don't happen all that type. i haven't been on a cruise for a while but it doesn't want you -- make you want to jump on one. jenna: one word, the titanic. iceberg. anyway, we're going to have a lot of questions for our guests. jon: it will be a good segment. jenna: out to los angeles, chaos there, hundreds of protestors taking to the streets, lighting fires, hurling rocks at police. did you know this was happening? all of this because of a deadly shooting by the l.a.p.d. we're live at the scene after a second day of riots, next. jon: plus, unbelievable video from las vegas. take a look, this lion lungs at a trainer. what sparked this attack? is it seigfried & roy all over again? jenna: and log on to
11:19 am during the break, click on the most read tab on the home page. see you in two minutes.
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jon: fox news alert, and it is the peak of hurricane season. now tropical storm igor has formed in the atlantic ocean. these are generally the most potentially dangerous storms because they have the most ocean water to cross before they head toward the united states. now, we have seen a couple of the storms veer off before making landfall in any significant way but of course, storms like andrew and katrina, formed in this same general area, off the west coast of africa, and came in to pummel the united states. igor bears watching. janice dean is on it from the extreme weather center. jenna: "happening now"
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across this country, in the top box, detroit first, where high winds spread fires across the city's east side, destroying dozens of homes there, gusting reaching 50 miles per hour and crews are working to put out the hot spots. in the middle box new charges linked to the attempted times square bombing in new york city, pakistan set to bring terror charges against three people who were allegedly involved in the plan. and in the bottom box, get ready to bundle up this winter. we told you a few weeks ago the old farmer's almanac was predicting a kindler, gentler -- kinder, gentler winter? not for the east coast. it's going to be pretty cold this winter. that's what the farm he were's almanac has to stay. jon: get the long underwear ready. >> reporter: there's violence in los angeles, at least 22 people arrested during a second night of protests in the mcarthur park neighborhood. it was all over a police officer's fatal shooting of a guatemalan immigrant, the suspect shot to death while showing a knife. hundreds of protestors set fires, they threw rocks,
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eggs, bottles at the officers' police station. an investigation into the incident is underway. let's check in with bob dicastro of kttv in los angeles. are police concerned there's going to be more trouble? >> reporter: they're very concerned, jon. you know this, time yesterday, we were setting on this very spot and it was peaceful as it is right now, then you saw what happened last night, where you had those people taking to the streets, so what police are doing right now with, first of all, they're calling for calm, getting together with local leaders, community leaders. this is an immigrant community, so they're talking with the various consulates and they want to have a meeting tonight, a community meeting, with members of this neighborhood and get together and talk about that incident and hopefully avert what happened last night. twenty people arrested, as you said, they were throwing bottles, rocks, eggs, not just at police officers, but police cars, they were scaling buildings, seen showering down and setting
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things on fire, and all because of that incident on sunday, sunday afternoon, where a police officer shot an immigrant here who happened to be a day laborer, working -- standing on a corner here, waiting for work at a nearby home depot. jon: but the suspect in the fatal shooting was armed, he was brandishing a weapon, he was threatening bystanders. why are these protestors so angry? these protestors are angry for two reasons: first of all, they're wondering why was he shot dead, why couldn't they have used a taser or used some kind of a beam bag on him and they're wondering whether or not spanish was spoken to him and whether they asked him in spanish if he would put down his weapon. the police department responded yesterday, saying first of all, this happened very quickly, this all happened within 40 seconds time, this man was brandishing a weapon, it was a knife, it was bloody, they don't know where the blood
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came, from and he lunged at police officers with that knife, and so that's why one of the officers shot him. that officer, by the way, is a one three-year veteran of the l.a.p.d., he's also of hispanic descent and apparently, according to police, they did tell him in both english and spanish to put down that weapon. jon: bob decstro, live for us in los angeles, thanks. jenna: right now hillary clinton coming off her biggest speech yet as u.s. secretary of state. clinton telling the council on foreign relations just this morning that the obama administration's foreign policy is now making major inroads to some of the biggest international challenges, she also says all of these accomplishes really help american interests. james rosen is live in washington with this story. james. >> reporter: well jenna, secretary clinton's aides have been viewing this as a major speech on american leadership across the globe in the 21st century, she even hailed this as a new american moment. then came the question and answer session which council on foreign relations president richard hawk
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kicked off with a question about america's $13 trillion debt. now estimated to account for 93 percent of our gdp. suddenly secretary clinton was no longer talking about u.s. strength across the globe, but about the national security threat posed by u.s. debt levels and how we are, quote, losing the ability to chart our own destiny and projecting weakness internationally. >> our rising debt levels pose as national security threat and it poses a national security threat in two ways. it undermines our capacity to act in our own interest, and it does constrain us, where constraint may be undesirable, and it also sends a message of weakness internationally. i mean, it is very troubling to me that we are loseing the ability not only to chart our own destiny, but to have the leverage that comes from this enormously
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effective economic engine. >> reporter: mr. haas also asked secretary clinton to comment on plans announced by terry jones, a strange mus after thatoed pastor who says he will commemorate the 9/11 anniversary by burning copies of koran. as you know there have been fiery demonstration necessary muslim capitols about that and the top commander in afghanistan, general petraeus, has said the action could endanger forces abroad. here was secretary clinton on the issue: >> we're a country of, what, 310 million plus right now, and i mean, it's regrettable that a pastor in tkpwra*eupbsville, florida with a church of no more than 50 people can make this outrageous and distressful, disgraceful plan and get the world's taegs, but that's the world we live in right now. i mean, it doesn't in any way represent america or
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americans or american government or american religious political leadership. >> reporter: we just learned from our pentagon, producer justin, that secretary of defense robert gates in a private staff meeting today strongly endorsed what general petraeus had to say about pastor jones' action, however, the pentagon has no plans to reach out to the pasting. back to you guys in new york. jenna: interesting story, james, thank you very much. jon: a frightening scene at the mgm grand hotel in vegas and it's all caught on tape. check it out. a lion as part of a show apparently snaps and lungs at a trainer. you can see the trainer manages to hold the lion down and a second trainer steps in to help push the big cat away. it all happened in full view of terrified patrons. a hotel spokeswoman says they're not sure what sparked the lion attack. fortunately the trainer managed to get away with just a few stitches in his leg. wow. jenna: that's some scary
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video there. unbelievable. this started as a human tragedy, it turned into a full-scale environmental disaster. now 4 1/2 months later bp is releasing its own investigation into the cause of the gulf oil rig explosion, and the company is pointing fingers. we're going to tell you where, coming up in just a moment. also big health insurers planning rate hikes and they say the new health care law is to blame. could you be paying more for coverage soon? we're going to take a closer look, coming up.
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jon: it's the bottom of the hours, here's what's happening right now. fighting a massive wildfire in colorado where crews from several states are now battling very fast moving flames. the fire near boulder already destroyed 100 buildings, more are threatened right now. take you live to wall street right now where the dow is up about 77 points. stocks are climbing because of the dollar being waerbg, money often then flows into stocks when that happens. investors are brushing off worries about the european debt level. european markets also turned positive today. jenna: right now, national commander thad allen is holding a telecom ference on the ongoing response to the oil gulf spill as bp releases its highly anticipated report on what led to the environmental disaster. an internal investigation finding plenty of blame to go around. let's find out where exactly they place some of that blame. kris gutierrez is live in new orleans with the story. kris, what does the report
11:35 am
have to say? >> reporter: hi jenna. we should point out it took bp nearly five months to complete these findings and release them to the public and in this 193-page report, bp does accept some of the blame, but the oil giant is also pointing fingers. for example, the cement that was used in this well, bp says that it was set by halliburton and they say that the cement did not work properly and did not contain the hydrocarbons or the natural gases from spewing out of the well itself. again, by mentioning that, bp is essentially implicating halliburton, the company that set the cement. bp is also saying that the pressure test to determine the stability was misread, not only by bp employees but also by transocean employees. we should point out also that the transocean -- that transocean actually owns the oil big. bp was leasing it. and also, finally, bp says that over a 40-minute period
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or so the transocean employees failed to not only recognize but react to the hydrocarbons and then when they d. they say that the key piece of equipment like the blowout preventer failed, the blowout preventer was manufactured by another company, cameron international. now, we did get a statement from transocean, and it reads in part, quote, in both its design and construction, bp made a series of cost saving decisions that increased risk, in some cases severely, end quote, they call this kind of a self-serving report that fails to mention that bp had a flawed well design in this case. halliburton, so far, jenna, has not responded to our request for comment. jenna: good to point out, you always have to consider the source, right? >> right. there are so many layers to this and can you imagine attorneys on every single side of this, combing through this document now. jenna: we'll expect to hear moreover the next day or so. kris gutierrez, thank you very much. the bp oil spill, of course, is one of the worst
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environmental disaster in u.s. history. you can read bp's full report at now over to jon. jon: here's a question for you. have you checked your health insurance premiums lately? several large health insurance providers are plan to go jack up premiums for some americans, and they are blaming the democrats' health care overhaul for that, saying expensive mandates in the new law forced them to pass on more costs to the consumer. jim angle is live in washington with more on that. so what's causing these rate increases that the insurance companies propose, jim? >> well, jon, some of it is just the ongoing increase in medical cost that we experience every year, but some of it are the new requirements under the health care law which take effect six months after passage and that happens to be september 23rd. listen: >> starting later this month, there are new requirements in health care reform law that all polices have no lifetime limits on coverage that have restrictions on how much
11:38 am
there can be for annual limits of coverage, dependents up to age 26 are going to be -- to be able to stay on parents' polices, children will be offered coverage, and there are reporting requirements and other administrative requirements that also go into effect. >> reporter: now, individuals and small businesses often want to keep their insurance inexpensive, and just have it to cover any serious health problems for themselves and their employees but the new health care law requires that the benefits you just heard about and others be part of all plans so people will have to pay more, whether they want to or not. and it's that small business and individual market, jon, that is affected the most here. jon: but the white house often says that insurance companies are really to blame, because they're just trying to boost their profits. >> reporter: they do. they do. but remember, the state regulators have to approve any rate increases and most insurance companies, health insurance companies, have far lower profits than some of the providers they're
11:39 am
reimbursing. average profit margins are in the 3 percent to 5 percent range, while some of the providers make far more than that. in fact, you've got, right now, you have some hospitals increasing their rates by 40 percent, and the insurance companies have to account for that. you have nail brand drugs that are used by many patients that are going up, one group of them went up about 8 percent last year, so that's part of the equation, too. so the insurance industry takes whatever benefits are now required and the cost of the services that they're covering, actuaries sit down and figure out the cost of rates. that's how they're set. the profit margins for them are fairly low. so they argue if anybody is worried about the increasing cost in the health care area, they should look at all the providers, not the insurance companies who cover their services. jon. jon: and the battle goes on. jim angle, thank you. >> it does. jen the u.s. is helping the yemeni government counter al-qaeda's rise there but not in the way you might
11:40 am
expect. we're going to tell you about the pentagon strategy and why military leaders may be planning to expand it. also the imam behind a proposed ground zero mosque is addressing the controversy. what he has to say about what he wants to accomplish. and also, the project's funding, next.
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jon: some fascinating stories to bring you new next hour. you'll want to stick around for these. in the west, they are rounding up wild horses. why the feds are getting involved and why it's so controversial. her identity was stolen but she was the one locked up and strip-searched, now she's taking action. we'll tell you what she has planned. a million dollars jewel heist. how thieves made off with the goods in just two minutes flat, next hour. jenna: one of our top stories dark the imam behind the proposed ground zero mosque is back for a trip to new york after being in the middle east. he's addressing controversy surrounding the project in
11:44 am
an op-ed police with "the new york times". david, what does he have to say? >> if you take a look at the headline in the "new york times", it says building on faith, but the real headline here might just as well be no significant development to be announced. let's take a look now at one of the quotes in the article from the imam of the proposed downtown mosque and center. he said and i'm queting -- quote o'clock him now, we are proceeding with the community center cordoba house, more important, we are doing so with the support of the downtown community. i am convinced this is the right thing to do for so many reasons. then he goes on to say, let's bring up the second quote, quoting him again, i am very sensitive to the feelings of families of 9/11 as are my fellow leaders of many faiths. we will accordingly seek the support of those families and support of our vibrant neighborhood as we consider the ultimate plans for the community center. our objective has always
11:45 am
been to make this a center for unification and healing. no doubt jenna many are going to read his words in the "new york times" today and say that, in fact, he is being insensitive to the wishes of 9/11 families, at least many of them, jenna. jenna: david, let's talk a little about that because this has certainly an divisive issue. did the imam come out front and talk about bringing people together more on this rather than dividing them? >> he did make a couple of very specific proposals in descriptions of how this center was going to actually exist. let's take a look now at one of the quotes. he said, again, at cordoba house, we envision shared space for community activities like swimming pools, classrooms, a play space for children, there will be prayer spaces for muslims, jews, christians and people of other faiths. this is one of the first times we're hearing this from the imam, the center will include a multi-faith
11:46 am
memorial dedicated to victims of the september 11th attacks. jenna, one thing we're noting here is that he refers to this facility as cordoba house. you might recall that a number of months ago, the developers here in a pr campaign of sorts called it park 51, they wanted it to be park 51 because of what was considered negative connotations of cordoba that had to do with the muslim battle in the year 711 and what many considered to be destroying the rights of christians and jews in spain. the proponents of the mosque said this was a period in history when in fact different faiths got along very well and that's why they want to call it cordoba house but many will see the use of the phrase cordoba house as not example of the imam's insensitivity. jenna: it's up to interpretation, as you mentioned, david lee, who's going to be reading this and the point of view they bring to it but when it comes to money, the bottom line, what
11:47 am
does he say about financing, where the money is coming from, how close they are to even having the money to build this project? >> reporter: it was not -- there was not a great deal said in this article about money. essentially, i think, one sentence, let's bring this quote up on the screen as well, he said i know there will be interest in our financing, and so we will clearly identify all our financial backers. and this is something that, of course, you will expect to see a great deal more of in the next few days, weeks and months ahead, jenna. jen yuen that's for sure -- jenna: that's for sure, thank you for breaking this down for us. david lee miller, thank you. jon: as we have long been telling you, al-qaeda's influence in the country of yemen is growing. the pentagon has a program to try to counter the threat. could this be the model for how the u.s. fights terror around the world? should it be? it is a little bit controversial. major bob bevelaqua is a former green beret and joins us now. the controversy is we are
11:48 am
taking some of our most highly trained special forces, special operations troops and sending them into other countries to do training. is that the best use of their talent? >> jon, i don't understand where the controversy comes from. special forces a team has five visions, this is one of them. it's called foreign total defense. this is all i did when i had two a teams in the '# \on/zeros, went to african nations and trained the military. we train, assist and advise indigenous military forces in order to do whatever it is that that unit specializes in. that's why a soldier has cross communication skills, the ability to work with and train others. they're master trainers. and i think a lot of that has been forgotten since we got involved with the war on terror. everybody assumes that ff teams, they drop out of the helicopter and kills everybody. they can do that as well but first and foremost, they've always been master trainers. jon: so what is their mission in a country like yemen, what are they doing snow. >> according to what i've
11:49 am
been told, they are training, assisting and advising yemeni forces that have been identified who have deficiencies in their proficiency to conduct certain missions, whether that's small unit tactics, close quarters battle, or any other type of infantry related tasks. ff teams can also do other teams related to medical treatment and things of that nature. it's not always hostile engagement, if you will. jon: major, good to see you, thanks. >> take care, thanks. jenna: conflicting reports on whether usc star reggie bush will be stripped of his heisman trophy for reportedly violating ncaa rules. should this happen? we'll talk about this with hall of fame quarterback jim kelly. he's next with his case.
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
jenna: fox news alert for you now, bringing you out to highland park, michigan a. suburb of detroit, you can see it's a pretty serious fire burning in a suburban neighborhood on geneva street. so far no word of any injuries but we're watching this closely, also because there's been a series of fires in detroit. we have no way of knowing if this is related, but definitely high winds in the area have hurt those other fires. so we're taking a look at this one here and seeing if they can contain it before it spreads, and obviously, it's a residential neighborhood. as we hear more about this, we'll bring you more developments, live coming up next on "happening now". >> the winner is -- reggie spheurb. -- reggie bush. jon: that was 2005, reggie bush, winning the heisman trophy and the heisman
11:54 am
trophy trust is right now denying a report that it has decided to strip reggie bush of that award, the trust saying it is still considering whether the former usc running back and super bowl winner can keep the prized college football trophy. bush won the heisman in a landslide vote in 2005 but since then the ncaa found he accepted improper benefits while at usc and was inel able during the -- ineligible during the 2005 season. joining u. jim kelly, he led the buffalo bills to four consecutive bowls. he knows something about winning a prize or two. what do you think? the school has already burned the heisman because of some of the funny business that went on, but should it be stripped from him himself, from reggie bush? >> my perspective, no. i think he's already paid the price through his school. from what i understand, they've already taken games
11:55 am
earnings bowl games. you know, he was a kid, he made a mistake and something i think that a lot of people should learn from, but i definitely he should keep the heisman. jon: one of the accusations as we look at this picture, because it's so ironic, one of the accusations is that sports marketing agents actually bought him that suit that he's wearing to the heisman ceremony, and you're not allowed to do that when you're a college can be player. >> you're not allowed to do it and college football, they go down a lot of different ways and it's funny, when you said about the picture, i looked at -- looked at the suit and in my days, when i was being recruited, it was different back then but all those things are thrown your way. jon: i remember when i was in college, i didn't own a suit! >> i didn't, either! jon: but you know, it has never happened in the 71-year history of the heisman that the award has been taken away from somebody. >> i know. jon: do you think it shouldn't be done now? >> no. my personal opinion is me speaking, you know. i think he paid the price
11:56 am
through his school. every time he goes back there, people are going to look at him differently now and still are going to look at him differently anyway, but i don't think they should take the individual trophy away from reggie bush. he's paid the price. jon: you've got another message and we all pay attention. >> we all pay attention. and this is the prostate awareness campaign i'm running. even though you're in your 50, too many men are too macho. get your test taken. it's simple. everybody thinks it's hard work. it's a blood test, boom,ure done. jon: one of the most common cancers and highly treatable. >> one out of every six men in the united states will be affected with prostate cancer. jon: get that test. i did. jim kelly, thank you. >> thank you. jenna: colorado wildfires are burning out of control right now. the flames, already destroyed dozens of homes, including some belonging to firefighters. rick folbaum has the latest information at the breaking news desk next.
11:57 am
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jon: hell who he, we hope you're having a great wednesday. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. happening right now president obama is mixing politics going to the battleground state of ohio where he's going to be proposing some tax cuts and also targeting republicans as well. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in parma, ohio. what should we expect to hear from the president today. >> reporter: politics and policy and it's all about jobs and the economy. that's what he has been focused
12:01 pm
on for months and that's certainly what he will be paying attention to in the next 55 days before the midterm election. he comes to cuyahoga community college to talk about some of the thins that he says will essentially get the economy back on track. a big part of the debate is what to do with the george w bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 which are set to expire at the end of this year. republicans say if they are allude -- allowed to expire it will hurt the economy. president obama wants to extend some of them but not all. he is going to say the bush tax for the middle class be extended but for the wealthy they be allowed to expire. he's going to talk about a whole series of ideas he's laid out in recent days talking about economic expansion and growth. $200 billion worth of tax cuts for small businesses, that includes a doubling of the write off for small businesses to buy new plant and equipment.
12:02 pm
they'll go from 50% to a hundred percent for the first year. and a hundred billion tkars in research and development credits, to look at new ways to create jobs. it tends to help a lot of larger corporations and companies. small businesses think it won't help them that much. and $50 billion in additional infrastructure spending. roads, runways and railways expenditures. that would otherwise be put into a highway bill which is a six-year spending plan. it comes as republicans are arguing that there has to be much, much more pro-growth policies. john boehner gave a speech in cleveland really beating up the president. he is proposing that all the bush tax cuts be extended. in addition to that john boehner, the republican is arguing that all current tax levels be frozen so that in no way in the upcoming legislative
12:03 pm
battles over budgets and spending and taxes could any other taxes be raised. and the last thing is to cut spending. they want to cut it back to 2008 levels. the aggregate of that, jenna lee is dramatic spending cuts from republicans and freezing them at the existing level, as well as spending redictions, where as the president is saying he wants to spend more in order to stimulate the economy as well as only target the tax cuts. it's a major debate and one that in ohio is playing out on a very difficult playing field. that's why the president is here. the governor's race is leaning towards republicans, it's currently a democratic lee-held seat. the gop could pick it up. the senate seat which is republican is likely to stay that way. the congressional delegation in ohio has 18 seats. ten occupied by democrats, 8 by republicans. five of those democrats are very vulnerable. the 2010 midterms could see the democratic population cut in half. that's what is at stake and
12:04 pm
that's why the president is here pushing his plans. jenna: carl, thank you so much. jon: let's take you to the west now where the closely watched nevada senate race is really heating up. polls show senate majority leader harry reid and his republican challenger sharon angle in a virtual tie in that state. and the ad war is getting nastier by the day. what is the latest anita. >> reporter: you certainly can't escape the barrage of commercials here, they are on tv every night. the attacks are really being played out on the air. you have senator harry reid attacking sharon angle for being too extreme for the state of nevada, for her views on social security she wants to transition into a more private tiesed system. she wants to do away with federal departments like the department of energy and education and make them state-level departments. in turn sharon angle is turning
12:05 pm
the tables and harry reid and calling him too extreme for promoting the president's agenda, listen. >> obamacare is probably the biggest policy right now, stimulus, bail out, many of the thins that we've been seeing him promote, cap and trade, he said that was something he wanted to get passed through before the end of the year, those kinds of thins when we really look into them and read the bills we understand that it's just more tax and regulation. >> reporter: now reid tells me hispanic rehear in nevada is one of a moderate, but that lately he says he's had to work with the president to in his words turn the agenda away from what he calls the last failed administration, and he admits that is not always popular with the electorate. >> the fact that president obama has lost some of his plop hrart. i understand it be rubs off on me, it rubs off on anyone
12:06 pm
serving in contract, you don't even have to be a democrat. >> reporter: sharon is looking to blame reid for the high unemployment rate 14%. reid says simply not his fault. jon: anita vogel joining us live from las vegas, thank you. jenna: let's take a look at where the dow is trading today, right around 71 points or so, a positive day on the market. investors like all of us are waiting to hear from the president as he expected to stay extendsting tax cuts for wealthy americans adds to our debt and we can't afford this. you're going to keep hearing this from the white house, that extending the tax cuts for the rich will cost the country $7 billion. that's for the next deck eight. how much will it cost if we extend the tax cuts for everybody, that number is $114 billion according to the congress tral budget office. they don't break down the tax
12:07 pm
cuts because these are projections based on how well the competent is going to do and how much money people are going to make. all these are estimates, keep that in mind when you hear some of the numbers. the president is proposing hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts and infrastructure spending. he says this is paid for through taxing big businesses, also oil and gas companies as well. if the president doesn't bulge on tax cuts does this undermine all these other initial tiffs. we are going to make sense of it. we have adam lasinski. andee have elizabeth, and john, welcome to you all. adam, starting off with you, does it make sense for the president to pushout all the initiatives but not bulge on the wealthy americans and whether or not to extend those tax cuts? >> well it makes about as much sense as anything else. it would be better, i would argue if we weren't doing this
12:08 pm
55 days before midterm elections or whatever the precise number of days is, because that just makes it obviously about politics rather than policy, and these are serious policy issues. i don't think that not extending the push tax cuts means -- bush tax cuts means that the other proposals that he's suggesting are bad ones, in other words they don't necessarily cancel them out. this question of afford built is not a black-and-white issue, this is a matter of opinion. could we afford the tax cuts? of course we could, we spend on so many other things. this is a policy decision by the p-rbgts one that he ran onto not extend these tax cuts on the richest people in the country. jenna: john pick up on that a little bit. what adam is talking about is playground politician. ment president is daring the republicans to say hey i'm in favor of giving some tax cuts to the rich. do those politics actually help the economy and get people back to work? >> no school of economic thought says that you raise taxes on
12:09 pm
people in the middle of a weak economy. and the problem with the richest getting their tax cuts extended is about half of small businesses file tax returns on income tax forms. 750 small businesses are not going to be hiring as much, expanding their businesses as much if their taxes go up. it's easy to say they are for the wealthy but they are also for small business people who create jobs and we are not creating jobs lately. jenna: bob, the president is putting out all these bills for small businesses to help them in this time and give them tax breaks. if they get those initiatives and get the higher taxes how does that help anybody? >> small businesses don't hire because they have more or less tax, they hire because they need workers to produce their products to sell in the marketplace. if they don't have demand for their goods and services they are not going to hire new workers regar regardless of whae
12:10 pm
tax consequences are. a lot of the small businesses that will be effected by the higher taxes in the top end, the richest 2 or 3% of america shall not the kind of things we think about as small business. a tool and dye business that is producing parts for automobile manufacturers, for example, a lot of these are small firms, a partnership, a couple of lawyers, a doctor's office, a hedge fund manager, those are the wealthy small businesses and they are not the ones that are going to be able to hire, that will not solve our employment problem. jenna: elizabeth on that if we give more money to the government, let's say you don't extend the tax cuts for the wealthy that bob was just mentioning, can we trust the government to use that extra money and actually stimulate the economy and not pay down the debt. >> that's the most important question. in other words taxing the rich, will it cure the deficit and help pay down the debt. basically we direct 2.4, 2.5 trillion annually in federal tax revenues, we borrow the rest. the idea that you cause an
12:11 pm
economic con strabgs in the sector of the economy, yeah they may not hire as many people as the former panel has pointed out, still it would cause job losses at those businesses, jenna. basically the interest on the debt alone and the public debt is about $190 billion, it's about 36.5 billion, that is just for the rates when you factor in capital gains and dividends it comes to 680 billion, that covers annual pork spending and maybe a subsidy here or two. that is what we're really talking about. what is the point of taxing the rich, will it cure the deficit, the numbers show that it won't. jenna: do you agree it could lead to actually more job losses? >> no i don't think so. we are talking about money that people will most likely be putting in the bank. businesses are sitting on bundles of cash, they don't know what to do with it. that's why our treasury interest rate is so low. they are not going to hire if
12:12 pm
they don't have the business to hire. one thing to take a lock at is at what the congressional budget office did. the very worst of the 14 ways they looked at was extending all the 2001, 2003 tax cuts, particularly for the wealthy. jenna: bob, wait a minute they also said the most effective impact for creating jobs would be an immediate payroll tax holiday and that would affect the same businesses, that would put more money quickly into the hands of executives who are higher. >> the subject there isn't income taxes. >> what is the point of raising taxes. >> i'll tell you, we can be assured that politicians really won't be honest about this, any politicians, but we can, this is about income and equality which is something that became a bad problem over the past let's say 20 years, we could pick a different time period. >> whenever adam talks about income and equality he doesn't factor in the 401k and health benefits that show that income
12:13 pm
owe quality in this country is not the issue. the issue is jobs and would hiking taxes on the fish fix it? it would not. jenna: is all of this for not the president is putting out the initiatives e has to get them through congress, do we see any change before the midterms. >> i agree with adam at this point it's all politics. i believe we will have to extend all of the tax cuts, even democratic economists believe that and the reason is uncertainty. if you talk to actual real life small business people the second biggest cause for the reason they are not hiring is uncertainty. we are creating uncertainty by making this tax debate go on for so long. let's extend the tax cuts for at least a year or two, reduce the uncertainty that small business says is one of the major barriers to their hiring. jenna: all right, elizabeth, john, bob and adam, thank you so much for joining us today, we'll continue to work through some of these issues and look forward to having you back. jon: jen a we have -- jenna breaking news, a troubling
12:14 pm
report out of colorado, crews are battling that stubborn wildfire there we've been telling you about and authorities now say they are searching for eight missing people. a live report from there just moments away. tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain.
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jon: fox news alert, authorities are now searching for eight people who apparently did not evacuate the area where a wildfire is raging out of control near boulder, colorado. rick folbaum is live at our break being news desk. >> reporter: they were missing 20 people unaccounted for, they have found 12 and as you say they are still looking for 8. this is officially the nation's top firefighting priority. the news on the missing just crossing the wires. the governor of colorado telling people you've got to be patient, stay away from your homes until firefighters say it's okay to go back. 3500 people evacuated from a thousand 0 homes in the boulder area so far.
12:18 pm
it could be a couple more days before they are allowed to return home. the governor touring the site of the fire formally declaring it a disaster area. 71 acres burned, and they've been able to do a little survey of about 5 to 10% of that land, only a fraction. based on the early numbers they are looking at about 53 homes destroyed. a boulder county sheriff's commander put that number at about a hundred, it probably will go up once they are able to go in and get a full survey. aerial tankers and choppers dumping thousands of gallons of fire retardant and water trying to stop the fire from spreading any further. 3 to 400 firefighters are on the ground, jon. 3 to 400 more are on the way. the winds making it very tough for the firefighters. still no talk on when the fire might be contained. authorities are now investigating reports that the fire may have started when a car ran into a propane tank. no confirmation on that yet, and back to the missing people officials have been saying the good news was nobody has been
12:19 pm
hurt. now with reports of eight people missing that could change. hopefully it won't but it could and we'll keep you posted. jon: i know these situations can be so chaotic. let's hope that those eight people are safe somewhere and just not checking in. >> reporter: true. jenna: the silver lining of this recession could be big bargain tph-s real estate, where the deals are and what you need up front to walk away with then amazing home at rock bottom prices. we'll tell you about that. a real steal when it comes to shopping for jewelry, no cash needed. how some crooks got away from a million dollars heist, you're not going to believe this. me neither. it beneful incredibites. it's just the way you like it-- with carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles. [ woman announcing ] beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful. challenge the need for such heavy measures with olay. new regenerist micro-sculpting serum for firmer skin in 5 days.
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jenna: new developments in iran where authorities have suspended the stoning death sentence of and iranian woman convicted of adultery.
12:23 pm
the punishment triggering outrage all over the world. our very own amy kellogg has been working her sources on this story. she joins us live from london. >> reporter: my sources tell me that the fact that iran even has stoning still on its book out rages ordinary iranians as well. it is important to point out that iran is not the only country that still stones people, but this case in iran has become a rallying point for those around the world who want to see what is widely perceived to be a barbaric practice overturned. iran's foreign ministry has said that her death sentence for adultery has been suspended now, her case is unreview. complicity in her husband's burden is being looked into again. she admits to playing a role in that murder. family members say this was a forced confession. the fact that the two children she has by that late husband have been publicly and privately
12:24 pm
supportive of her campaigning on her behalf does suggest that whatever happened between their parents, they are on their mother's side, at least they are now. to italy where demonstrations were held last week, it's just one of the countries pressing for the woman to be spaeurz. the pope also recently made a humanitarian plea, and finally the european commission today issued a unanimous condemnation of the practice of stoning. we need to wait and see what ultimately happens in this case. the latest is that iran's foreign ministry has said the death sentence for adultery has been suspended. the government is looking into some connection with the death of the husband, the holy month of ramadan ending soon and we expect we will some finality in this case then. jenna: amy kellogg in london, thank you very much. jon: a million bucks worth of jewelry gone in two minutes. a smash and go gang breaks into a shop in phoenix.
12:25 pm
surveillance video shows the masked bandits crushing the display cases. security didn't even notice the break in until daylight and the alarm did not go off until police arrived. jenna: we are going to take you to andrews air force base, you can see the president landing there in marine one. he's about to jump on air force one to head off to cleveland, a big economic speech up ahead of him. he's going to be going to cleveland, or i should say ohio for the 6th time so far this year, and he's going to this state under very different pretenses than when he first went there during his campaign. over the last three years or so cleveland, or ohio's unemployment rate has doubled. of course part of that was during 2007 in the bush presidency, but it's been nearly two years for the president now, obviously in office and he has some different economic points
12:26 pm
that he's going to address, including some more tax breaks for businesses. we expect to hear from him around 2:00 this afternoon. but as you can see the president just arriving at andrews air force base, about to board air force one. and we will continue to watch this and bring you any updates as we hear more about the president as he travels to cleveland, ohio. now when you think of buying in bulk you probably think paper towels, maybe something like that, but the concept also applies to real estate, and it's one areas of the house market where business is actually booming. believe it or not. phil keating is live in miami with this story, phil. >> reporter: hi, jenna, what you see behind me is what you see all over south florida, that is a condominium building. in fact between 2002 and 2007 development -- developers tripled the available number of condominium units on the market than over the previous 40 years of building. then of course the real estate market crashed.
12:27 pm
but right now the opportunity with all of these foreclosed and properties in distress, they are now being sold for bargains, for example, less than what the developer even spent to build it in it first place. you've got to have cash and you've got to have a lot of it. it takes a box to visit the herrera brother's condominiums. that's because angel and santiago bought 39 condos, all in foreclosure, all at once for $7 million. >> it's a nice water view. >> reporter: they flipped 17 of their miami units for a real quick profit and plan to sell the rest in three to five years when they hope to double their investment. >> the market has never been so down, so when you're so down the only place you can go is up. >> reporter: bulk buying is one segment of the real estate business that is booming right now. in florida, especially miami there is plenty of opportunity
12:28 pm
due to tower after tower of distressed and discounted condos. >> this is pure capitalism if you don't have all cash you stand no chance, you're going to get crushed. >> reporter: if you have cash peter says deals are everywhere. >> and low and behold it's on the market today at $50,000. it will probably trade at 35 to $4,000. >> reporter: it was originally $172,000. >> that's what it was purchased for. >> reporter: he adds that right now in the three counties in south florida, miami dade, broward and palm beach there are 6,000 condos for sale at about $50,000, and remember these were all going for maybe 150 to 200 just two or three years ago. other cities where all of these bulk real estate purchases are available, not only miami but you've got got atlanta, vegas and san diego. a lot of people making the big purchasers are foreigners, 83%
12:29 pm
the first quarter. people from outside of the u.s. with a lot of cash seeing great bargains here in the u.s. and they are buying. jenna. jenna: sounds like good deals. are you jumping in on that phil, rolling the dice. >> reporter: i'm saving my money, maybe a little more money. jenna: also good advice as well. phil keating, thank you so much. jon: i grew up in the west, the wild west is not so wild any more in a lot of places. thousands of wild horses still do roam freely through nearly a dozen of the western states. now the feds are starting to round up tph-pl of -- many of the horses. what happens to them and why are critics blasting this practice? also, starting today fox news is launching its america's election headquarters iphone app, check this out. you can stay on top of the latest political developments heading into november's important midterm elections. go to, get all of the app download details there. be in the no, on the go, take the next few minutes, check it out. we will show you all the bells and whistles next. she felt lost...
12:30 pm
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12:33 pm
jenna: there is a lot going on in politics today. you want to follow fox news in-depth election coverage leading up to the midterms there is actually a new app for that, invaluable, indispensable we should say. laura ingle is live in our newsroom to show us how it all works. >> reporter: you ever want a cheat sheet when you're following politics, a lot of people doing. starting today there is a new way to stay on top of the latest
12:34 pm
political news for the midterm election. fox is launching it's america's headquarters app for the iphone, allowing users to aouts latest developments with the touch of a button. >> what is excite baggy this election cycle is we've had millions of people come into the political space for the first time. if you look at what has happened between 2008 and 2010 is that america has become not just a political country but a politically energized country. >> reporter: this breaks down up to the minute information for the newly interested as well as the politically savvy. >> we are going to provide daily intelligence that you need to understand without becoming overwhelmed. for junkies and people who really want to get deep into the races and deep into issues we are going to create opportunities for them to drill down and receive a tailored news feed. >> reporter: exclusive power played political newsletter is the insider's guide to the
12:35 pm
biggest political stories of the day. users can track issues, watch videos and easily monitor what happens to them most. >> they'll be able to track their favorite races, be able to look at the balance of power in congress, they are going to be able to look at which races and which polls are heating up, and it's going to be all there for them. they will be able to personalize it to their own preferences. >> reporter: the new app is designed for simplicity. >> this is an opportunity in this election year for people to get a handle on what oftentimes seems like just a title wave of information washing over you all the time. this is a way to get a hold of it and really get control. >> reporter: and it's super easy of course as you saw there in the piece. you just go to your iphone, look at my iphone is so dirty. you go to the application and there it is right there, ready to be downloaded, and, again, starting today through midterm election you're all set to go. all you have to do is go to the app store, it's that easy. >> did you see the gentleman that was on most of the video for that.
12:36 pm
>> reporter: i've been seeing it all day, jon scott. >> john scott. jon: really. jenna: you're on the demo, no one better for that. jon: i wish i got a little extra money for that. jenna: maybe we can negotiate something. laura thank you very much for showing us that. to get the download details you can log onto and click on the fox spotlight for that, so don't miss it. jon: right now the feds are rounding up wild horses in utah and several other western states getting them off of public land permanently. the bureau of land management plans to gather nearly 12,000 horses this year in ten states to try to better manage the size of the herd. critics are blasting this program calling it expensive, wasteful and inch cruel. let's talk with it about susanne roid. also barry perryman a professor in nevada reno in the department of animal biology/technology.
12:37 pm
susanne you don't think too much of this round up, why not? >> no we don't, jon. this is the department of interior rounding up thousands of our wild horses from public lands. these are symbols are american freedom, and they are being stampeded by helicopter, young foals, aged mares, heavily pregnant mares. they are all being stampeded together, captured and shipped off to the midwest where taxpayers are paying to house them on private lands. we now have in this country more wild horses in government holding facilities than are left free on the range. and this is costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. and it's costing our mustangs their freedoms and their lives. jon: bear rewe brought you in to give us the other side of theee kwaeus. why do you support this gather as it's called. >> reporter: we manage the pop -- >> we manage the populations of
12:38 pm
every other large grazer on public lands. we manage domestic animals and numbers of wild animals through hunting. the only way since there is no natural predator for wild horses and boros the only way we can manage their numbers is through gathers, the removal process. this is the state of the art at this point in time on removing animals. any time you remove wild animals from a range land you're going to have some problems. but the alternative is worse. the alternative is when these horses begin to over populate and they do have a tremendous birth rate of about 20% per year. you end up with overpopulation and you end up with the resource base being damaged, so there is no forest for wild animals. we end up with soil degradation,
12:39 pm
and a situation where invasive weeds can enter. jon: susanne i love wild horses as much as the next guy, but they are an invasive species. they weren't here until the spaniards brought them here, right? >> these horses have been part of the western landscape for centuries. congress in 1971 when it passed the law to protect them determined that they need to be protected and preserved as part of our natural -- national heritage. what we need to look at is what is going on on these ranges. you have to remember that the department of interior is the same department that brought us the gulf oil spill. and as in the case with the gulf oil spill, what is driving this policy is commercial interests. >> that has nothing to do with the situation -- >> excuse me i would like to finish my statement. in herd area after herd area you'll see that the number of privately owned livestock greatly exceeds the number of wild horses on the range.
12:40 pm
jon: but you can -- >> it's absurd to talk about healthy ranges and healthy horses when you have ten times more livestock than wild horses. >> those numbers are managed. those numbers of livestock are managed. the horse numbers must be managed. if they are not managed you're going to get degradation, it doesn't make any difference what the species is, if they are allowed to reproduce you're going to get degradation, that is what we're getting on the sheldon wildlife refuge now. there is a big turmoil going on up there. there are no domestic animals up there, there haven't been for decades and yet the wild horses are causing a deterioration to the wildlife habitat up there interfering with endangered species issues. >> the department of interior. jon: susanne i'm sorry we have to say goodbye. susanne roy, barry perryman, you can see why they are arguing
12:41 pm
about this in the west and other places. thank you both. jenna: another issue of debate alaska's fishing industry is facing a major blow. the obama administration plans to close a key fishing ground to protect sea lions there, that is a move that could cause hundreds of jobs. dan springer reporting live in seattle on this. dan. >> reporter: yeah, jenna, this recommendation comes at a critical time with the obama administration with the upcoming elections and they are trailing in the polls getting hammered because people say they are not creating jobs. this bill would kill good paying jobs in the hopes of helping sea lions. the population of the world's largest sea lion has been shrinking along the western edge of ask answer alou shan islands so they recommend the drastic step of closing down two fisheries. >> the endangered species act puts the burden on the government of proceed tepbgt being -- protecting the
12:42 pm
endangered pea she's. the burp favors the listed species. >> reporter: scientists can't say fishing is the reason sea lions have declined 45% this decade. there is evidence there could be a factor. mackal and pacific cod make up all the sea lion's diet. lower body weight could be what is dropping the birth rate. also they are look being at killer whales, and migration eastward where the population of sea lions are growing. fishermen are outraged. >> it will be a head shot for us. we will use 50% of our mackral fishing. i will have to cut maybe half of my crew. >> reporter: environmental groups aren't happy either. they are pushing the feds to go off the billion dollar a year polic industry in the berring
12:43 pm
sea. the closures could take effect in january. jenna: thank you so much, dan. jon: you've seen the commercials about identity theft, you think it only can hurt your credit. think again. how a stolen identity got this woman thrown in jail, stripped-searched she says. she joins us next with her story. plus, reckless endangerment for defending his family. a man arrested for firing warning shots on his own lawn after he said he was convict -- confronted by gang members. we'll talk to him, let you decide.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
megyn: i'm meg megyn kelly, with his approval numbers in the tank president obama is going to try something new. he's going to talk more about his family history. exactly how that will create new jobs. we'll have a fair & balanced debate. reporter charles leaf has been all over this mosque near ground
12:47 pm
zero story. he is here live with a stunning new report. did hillary clinton just effectively declare her candidacy for president of the united states. monica crowley and what mrs. clinton just did. two major insurance companies say they need to raise premiums to comply with the new healthcare law. we thought that wasn't supposed to happen. see you at 1:00 p.m. eastern. jon: a florida woman finds out the hard way, identity theft can do more than wreck your credit. kimberly shields was 23 at the time. she is on the left in this picture, ended up behind bars locked up, stripped searched and deloused, all because authorities thought she was san on maguire, a small time thief who had stolen kimberly's identity. kimberly shields says she was the innocent victim in all this. she and her attorney join us now. kimberly you were picked up why? >> i was picked up because i was in a car accident and i called
12:48 pm
the police. >> and when they checked the records they found that you were wanted for car theft, among other offenses? >> yes. jon: but it turned out that those offenses were committed by this other woman who had stolen your identity. >> yes, that's correct. jon: what happened to you? >> they held me on the side of the road in handcuffs for a good few hours and took me to jail, strip searched me and held me there overnight once they knew it wasn't me. jon: we got this statement from the sheriff's office. we say we are confident with our face on factual and legal grounds. this is not a case where a person was arrested on warrants which were not issued to that person. these arrest warrants were indeed issued for kimberly shields. we believe our jail staff acted expeditiously and appropriately. crystal, they essentially say that they did kimberly a favor. >> well i think we respectfully disagree with their position in this case, jon.
12:49 pm
what happened in this case is after miss shields was taken into custody within the first two hours the jail knew they had the wrong person in custody. it took them over 24 hours in order to release her when they knew for certain that miss shields was not the person wanted. jon: we are going to keep an eye on this story and see what happens. thank you. >> thank you. jenna: another case we are watching in new york a man defends his home, his wife and his two little babies from members of the ms-13 gang, infamous for violent criminal behavior. why did police arrest the homeowner? he joins us with his side of the story next. activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free! or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert
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jenna: growing outrage after a man was arrested for defending his family and home from violent gang members. his name is george greer.
12:53 pm
he's facing criminal charges after he grabbed a licensed rifle and fired warning shots to protect his wife and his two children in a frightening confrontation with members of the ms-13 gang at his long island home. joining us right now is george greer the homeowner and his attorney john lewis jr. george, it's sunday night, you're at home with your two babies and your wife. what happens? >> well that day i was at church, i left, you know, my cousin came home with me, my cousin he same home and he says, you know, can you give me a ride? so i give him a ride. when i'm leaving the house there's three men in front of my house, like arguing, getting into a fight, and i asked them, is everything okay, you know, because you're in front of my house, my wife and kids are in the house sleeping and you're making a disturbance. he says everything is okay, we are just handling some family business. i said, okay, all right, you know, just keep it down, or move down the block.
12:54 pm
jenna: sure. >> i go to get in my car, i get in the car and now they are walking towards the back of my driveway to my car. they blocked the car so i continue get out of the driveway. jenna: were you frightened at this point? >> yes, now i'm frightened. i get out dash tkaeurb didn't want to -- i didn't want to run nobody over. i get out the car, i put the car in park. i said can i just talk to you guys, is everything okay. now they are coming towards -- they are trying to surround the car. jenna: they are on your property right now, you decide to do what. >> my cousin, he gets out the car just to make sure, you know, that i'm okay. now these guys are walking towards the car. so when he gets out of the car, when he gets out of the car they surround him immediately. jenna: but, george what happened when you actually fired shots? how did it get to that point? >> i ran in the house, told my wife, call the police, like i could have stayed in the house, you know, locked my doors but my cousin, he still was outside in like a dark alley and they were
12:55 pm
surrounding him. jenna: sure. >> i came out to make sure that he was okay. jenna: and then you have a rifle. >> no i didn't fire it then. i came out to make sure he was okay, and i looked and the guy starts walking towards my stairs. jenna: we have to get -- the issue at conflict right now is the point is at a certain point in this conversation you came out, you you fired some warning shots and something signaled john to the cops to come because there is an automatic response system in this neighborhood, the cops come and then what happens to george? >> well before he fires the shot though the three people that were having a beef with his cousin come to the front, start displaying gang tattoos and threatening his life and his family's life. at the same time 15 of their friends or other gang members come running in george's peripheral vision onto his front lawn. if you've seen the house there are small -- it's a small front lawn. there are 18 to 20 of these gang members screaming and yelling on his front law. as they rush him in the door, he's still in the doorway he
12:56 pm
fires four shots in the ground. jenna: then what happens. >> there is a system called shot spire, it try apbg ooh later the sounds of the gunfire. within a minute helicopters were there police units were there, they all dispersed. not one of them stayed. jenna: we have to wrap it up. why was george arrested and not these gang bankers. >> that is a good question. the conduct that he was accused of doing, causing a risk of death by firing into the ground there was no risk of death and he was justified and showed restraints in firing into the ground. i hope that a jury of his peer will -- jenna: you're going to court on this. >> of course. jenna: thank you so much. it's been a story that a lot of people have been clicking on and we'll continue to keep our viewers updated witness. it's an interesting one. thank you so much. jon. jon: jenna right now president obama is on his way to ohio. we are awaiting his rival there. he's -- arrival there. he's going to be talking about new plans that he says will give the economy a boost. will republicans go along?
12:57 pm
live coverage straight ahead.
12:58 pm
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